The Vent-A-Hood Job

The Vent-A-Hood Job

May 17, 2018 Off By Ryan Filipsons

This little Critter did not enter the living area of this home through the chimney, as you might think.. She could have, but there are 2 chimney’s at this home. This little Critter chose the chimney that vented everything in the home, (Gas, plumbing, and vent-a-hood) Once in the chimney this little raccoon made the wrong turn and crawled through the metal vent that vented the vent-a-hood. The raccoon ended up on the stove along with 30 years of soot piled on the stove. After entering the living area of this home the raccoon could not find anywhere to hide. She choose the fireplace. We removed 3 over a period of 10 days in different locations in the home.

Here we are checking the gender of the raccoon before removal from the property (this is most important). We discover the gender is a female. There is a slight indication of recent nursing.

What to do next? The information on the procedures to follow on this type of situation is lengthy. This is why a professional must address these problems. New births with Raccoons will occur anywhere from March through June. It depends on what area of the country you live in. However, over 75% of the births will occur during April & May. This is the most difficult time for even the most seasoned professional. Most of the companies advertising animal or wildlife control will make excuses to avoid taking on Raccoon jobs during the birthing season, so schedule an appointment as quickly as possible.

No matter how difficult an animal job becomes, you will only pay what we quoted.
After animal removal was completed, we will either re-screen or install a (Critter Guard) vent cover, Your Choice.
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