Stored Product Pests

Stored Product Pests

May 4, 2018 Off By Ryan Filipsons

Pantry Pests

In the olden days, people carefully observed food maintenance and made sure to air their rations in the sun every so often. But nowadays, with everyone’s busy schedule, it’s very rare to find the time to take all fares out of the pantry and put them under the sun. This makes pantry pests more common.

Have you ever sieved flour prior to making a cake only to find it infested with beetles, weevils and larvae? Not only are they ugly looking, but they are also capable of destroying food. What a waste that bag of flour would be! But come to think of it, how did those critters get there in the first place?

Beetles and moths usually lay their eggs in untouched fares and use the nutrition to sustain their young. You will find them in boxes that have been stored for a long time. There are even instances that you bring them home when you buy old stocks in department stores.

How to Control These Pantry Pests?

It’s common sense, really. To prevent pantry pests from taking over your kitchen, don’t leave packages untouched in your pantry for a long time. These include cereals, dry fruit, grains, seeds, spices, any dry powder and flour.

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