Spider And Wasp Control

Spider And Wasp Control

April 28, 2018 Off By Ryan Filipsons

Spider Control

Although a spider bite may not cause mutation, it can surely sting a lot! And in worst cases, it may also lead to death through hypersensitivity reactions. There are an estimate of 40,000 species of spiders known to man and many of these can be found in backyards and office corners in Australia!

They Bite!

A spider bite can cause something as minor as a rash or as deadly as anyphylactic shock. Small as they are, they can pack a mean punch and cause you unnecessary pain. The most common types of spiders that are found in workplaces are the window and recluse spiders.

What A Spider Bite Can Cause

Severe headaches, respiratory problems and muscular cramps are some of the known effects of a spider bite. Other problems inclue arrythmias and systemic pains. The site of a spider bite usually turns red with slight to sever swelling accompanied by discomfort, itching or numbness. There may also be a tingling sensation and discoloration of the skin tissue. Some species of spiders have been known to cause cardiac arrest.

Permanent Solution

The only permanent solution to spider problems in the workplace and home is to acquire professional pest control services. Adams Pest Control solutions are known to be effective and long lasting and can guarantee you safe and spider-free environment.

Wasp Removal

Have you noticed an insect around your house that looks like a honeybee, flying around fresh fruit or burrowing a hole in some tree or plank? Well, that insect is called the European wasp and is definitely not a safe insect to be around with. European wasps are violent and territorial, which means they will sting anybody and anything that comes in its path.

How Troublesome Are Wasps?

Imagine that you are driving at night with insects hovering about your headlights. Wasps see them as food source and follow them readily without regard of your presence. Upon approaching your vehicle, you as the driver, may have found yourself stung by these wasps. Aside from other insects, European wasps are also fond of fruit gardens and orchards and usually prevent workers from doing their job.

The sting of a wasp causes painful swelling, which may persist for days. Some people may be allergic to wasp stings and suffer hypersensitivity reactions. They are not friendly creatures so you must not hesitate getting the best professional European wasp control services from Adams Pest Control. If you approach us with such problems, we are going to find and implement the correct solutions to manage existing wasp infestation.

Control Your Wasp Problem Right Now

We have been controlling pests like European wasps for the last 65 years. If you wish to procure our services, just complete the form at the right hand side of the page and we’ll get back to you withing 24 hours. You can rely on us to use proper baits and methods for the systematic destruction of EUropean wasps and nests which may have caused you a lot of trouble.