Pigeon Control Alternatives

Pigeon Control Alternatives

March 17, 2018 Off By Ryan Filipsons

Bird netting is one of the myriad of pigeon control methods available to control your bird problem. Bird netting is just what it sounds like; a net used to prevent pest birds and pigeons from reaching certain areas. It can be a very effective form of bird control, however it can also be expensive to setup and maintain.

Once you’ve gone through the planning process of how the bird netting will be installed at your business or structure you’re trying to protect, you’ll then need to have the netting installed by a professional bird netting installer. This process can be time consuming and costly while permanent modifications and damage is frequently done to the structure the netting is being installed on. Bird nets draped around the outside of your business, facility, or other structures can also degrade it’s aesthetic appearance to the public and potential customers. For some applications such as cafes, restaurants, or other public facing businesses, bird nets around your building alerts potential new patrons that you already have a pest bird or pigeon problem! There are alternatives to bird netting that will effectively solve your bird problems while going easier on your pocketbook and bypassing the major problems associated with bird netting.

One such solution is bird birth control. To some bird and pigeon birth control sounds strange or even ridiculous when they first hear about it, however it’s a proven, reliable, and cost effective method to control birds. OvoControl is the manufacturer and industry leader in bird birth control products.

OvoControl is basically ready-to-use out of the package bird and pigeon food that controls the reproduction of treated birds which causes the population to diminish over time. It’s a humane and highly effective technology that manages pigeon flocks and other birds in larger areas without having to resort to poisons or other costly bird control methods such as bird netting. OvoControl is registered by the EPA.

You’ll begin OvoControl bird food baiting near your bird and pigeon problem areas such as flat rooftops, which is an ideal area to bait pigeons. According to OvoControl, no special license is required to purchase or apply the product, except in the state of New York.

When you apply OvoControl according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the bird food bait will interfere with egg hatchability. Because zero new birds are hatching from the treated birds, the population of birds will continuously decline. Empirical field studies and longtime customers report a reduction of about 50% of the bird per year. Many customers have reported a decrease of nearly 90% within the first year.

Municipalities across the country have been using it for years with outstanding, measurable results. A wide spectrum of businesses likewise use bird birth control reporting its effectiveness time and time again.

There are a number of sources available to purchase bird birth control, but only one manufacturer, OvoControl. OvoControl can be purchased direct from their online store and delivered directly to your business or you can acquire OvoControl from one of its distributors.