PR2 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

By Ryan Filipsons March 27, 2018 Off

PR2 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (Commercial Applications) Non-Toxic PestChaser® Electronic Rodent Repellers are specifically designed to repel mice and rats. Mice and rats are the common indoor rodent pest problem encountered by consumers worldwide. Why PestChasers® Work Best! Rats and mice pose serious health risks, but traps and poisons come with a heavy price. Poisons can endanger children and pets while… Continue Reading

Mole Control and Gopher Repellers

By Ryan Filipsons February 27, 2018 Off

We have Solar Mole Control and Gopher Repellers. We also have wide variety of battery operated Mole Control and Gopher Repellers. One of our most popular mole chaser units, the Sol Mate® Solar Mole Control chases unwanted burrowing rodents by storing the suns energy. This Molechaser® product is solar-powered and maintenance-free. Most underground rodents have poor eyesight, yet nature has… Continue Reading

BeeMaster Honey Bee Traps

By Ryan Filipsons January 17, 2018 Off

100% Environmentally Safe! Honey Bee trap products from BeeMaster are 100% environmentally friendly and safe. Our manufacturer custom designs our bee traps to our exacting specifications. The bee trap design we use has been tested in Arizona since 1990 and has proven to be an uniquely effective method for attracting honey bees (both European and Africanized varieties) as they migrate… Continue Reading