Geese And Tree Wrap

Geese And Tree Wrap

February 19, 2018 Off By Ryan Filipsons

Need help dealing with geese?

Geese enjoy many of the same areas we do. Nice lakes, lovely meadows, and soft grassy lawns. Unfortunately, the geese tend to limit our enjoyment by destroying lawns, decreasing water quality, and using the entire area as their personal toilet. To help make your property less hospitable to the geese, we offer repellents that they find undesirable. As always our repellents are safe and non-toxic; we use a nuisance spray in the case of geese that irritates birds with webbed feet. The repellents are sprayed on the areas where the geese are creating a nuisance and work best when: the geese have another area to move to; they are able to move (not nesting or molting); and it is applied consistently. We recommend every two weeks and it is preferred that it be immediately after the grass has been mowed. It is beneficial to apply the repellent after heavy rains. In addition, don’t feed the geese. It encourages them to stay in the area and human food is not a healthy diet for them. The beginning of August is the best time to start spraying for geese and train them to understand that your area is not a welcoming environment.

Tree Wrap

Tree bands should be in place by mid-November the latest. The Canker Worms are already in place now and waiting for the first cold night to come out of the ground and climb your trees. In the spring they will start consuming new foliage and damage the trees. The Skeeter Beaters use both Bug Barrier and Tanglefoot tree wraps depending on the size and shape of your tree. Both work very well but Bug Barrier is our preferred method for trees that are fundamentally round.

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