Fox And Squirrel

Fox And Squirrel

February 10, 2018 Off By Ryan Filipsons

Fox Pest Control

Red Fox Description

The Red Fox is rusty red, with a white underbelly, black ear tips and legs, and a bushy tail. Adults can weigh from 3 to 11 kg.

Foxes as Pests

While they are beautiful creatures, foxes can be pests in the wrong setting. Foxes threaten the lives of pets and cause problems in people’s gardens. Foxes carry sarcoptic mange (scabies), which can be transferred to humans. They also carry distemper virus which can be fatal for dogs and other beloved pets.

In the countryside, they are notorious for attacking free-range chickens, but can also attack lambs and kids (juvenile goats).

Fox Pest Control Methods

Fox populations are brought under control by using live catch traps. These are baited and placed in areas where the foxes are known to visit. These traps are checked at least once every 24 hours to ensure that the foxes are treated humanely. Failure to do this would breach the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Causing unnecessary suffering, whether deliberately or through neglect is an offence.

Squirrel Pest Control

Grey Squirrel Description
Grey squirrels are distinguished from red squirrels by their grey fur, larger size and smaller ears. They are solitary animals, with a highly sensitive sense of smell, sight and hearing. Grey Squirrels make nests that look very much like birds’ nests, built from twigs and leaves. However, in a urban environment, they are known to make nests in roof spaces.

Grey Squirrel Breeding

Grey Squirrels have breed twice a year, giving birth to three or four at a time. The first litters are born in February/March, the second litters in June/July. The young are ready to leave the nest in August / September.

Squirrels as Pests

The Grey Squirrel can nest in wall cavities and in lofts. The squirrel may use roof insulation for nesting materials and chew valuables stored in the roof space. They have been known to chew electric cables, causing potential fire risks and damage roof joists, causing structural problems. The Grey squirrel is prevalent and is not protected in the UK.

Squirrel population management

They are so plentiful that the most effective squirrel pest control methods are shooting, trapping or poisoning.