BeeMaster Honey Bee Traps

BeeMaster Honey Bee Traps

January 17, 2018 Off By Ryan Filipsons

100% Environmentally Safe!

Honey Bee trap products from BeeMaster are 100% environmentally friendly and safe. Our manufacturer custom designs our bee traps to our exacting specifications.

The bee trap design we use has been tested in Arizona since 1990 and has proven to be an uniquely effective method for attracting honey bees (both European and Africanized varieties) as they migrate through an area looking for a new home. Because the BeeMaster honey bee traps are baited with a secret pheromone formulation, that mimics the honey bees’ own Nasonov pheromone, they catch only honey bees and no other animals. Furthermore, this pheromone is held inside a plastic tube and gradually slow-releases a pleasant lemony scent over a period of many months. These are naturally occurring chemicals found in nature. No harmful synthetic pesticides are used in BeeMaster traps.

Control all of your honey bee problems, not just Africanized Bees!

Based upon our research, there have been few damage awards where an individual was harmed by honey bee stings and the defendant was someone other than a beekeeper. However, as the incidences of Africanized bee attacks increase, this will likely change. Already, many municipalities are considering banning beekeeping within city limits.

On January 25, 1994 the Risk Management Section of the State of Arizona Department of Administration responded to an inquiry regarding the liability of the State of Arizona to workers in their Africanized Honey Bee (Killer Bees) detection and monitoring program. Their response included the following:

“…with the known risk of an anaphylactic shock reaction our exposure could be quite severe.”

Your best bet is to hang your traps and then inject a pesticide. The honey bee trap will help capture the stragglers which will sometimes linger for several days after your treatment. This trap will shorten the process of extermination. A bee will only make one visit to this trap and the rest is history, he is caught.