Wasp Pest Control

By Ryan Filipsons May 22, 2018 Off

Key Wasp Facts Wasps can be thought of as “helpful” in controlling garden insects by collecting their larvae. However, come the end of summer, their taste for sweet things and aggressive behaviour can become very annoying! Particularly as wasps can sting several times. Adult worker wasps have distinctive black and yellow patterning on the abdomen and are between 15 –… Continue Reading

Rats And Mice

By Ryan Filipsons April 11, 2018 Off

Getting rid of Mice
The use of mice gels, contact dusts, traps and baits will control a mouse problem. However, unless used in conjunction with effective mouse proofing measures, a re-infestation will likely occur within weeks. Hawk Force can draw up a report on how best to mouse proof your property.


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Fly facts Common Housefly (Musca domestica) adults are 6 – 8mm in length with a wing span of 13 – 15mm. They have large compound eyes, mouth sucking parts and segmented feet on the end of each leg. The lesser housefly is 6mm long with a 12mm wingspan and three longitudinal stripes which are less pronounced than those of the… Continue Reading

Bed Bugs

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The Bedbug The common bedbug (cimex lectularius) is a flat, oval shaped insect, around 5mm in length. They can appear brown or purple, depending on whether they have recently fed. Nocturnal, they come out to feed at night. Bedbugs are flightless. They either crawl or are transported passively on objects or hosts. Their ability to survive for several months without… Continue Reading


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Like insects there are many species of wildlife that can cause humans to get the Jitters and want prompt, professional service. From the things that go bump in the night, to critters underground and out of sight. Just go to the phone and dial that tone and the Critter Ridders will rescue you alright. Most species of wildlife do some… Continue Reading